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The museum is a look into the past and has so many objects of interest, many from the Magras family, that only a visit could explain why you must pay it a visit. There is also the magnificent garden and atour takes at least two hours but you are accompanied by the owners and it's well worth seeing. Check out their Facebook page and do book a visit. ​]]>
<![CDATA[A little bit about us.]]>Thu, 03 Mar 2022 15:42:08 GMThttps://villahenson.com/blog/march-03rd-2022About us and the Villa1/1/2025

​Anne-Marie and I met in the north of France in 1989 and were married in 1993. In 1995 hurricane Louis, a real monster, hit St Barts. We flew there as soon as possible. We were asked to bring  a chainsaw as the island had sold out of them!

It was then that her parents suggested we build a house there. I remember Anne-Marie and her mother, Denise, sitting on a rock on the corner of what is now the swimming pool. Denise said this is where you must build it. And that's just what we did.

Building started in June 1999. We moved in with her parents and sent our daughter Manon to the school in Colombier. We spent New Year's eve 1999/2000 drinking champagne on the terrace. No water in the pool, No terrace railings and the bedrooms and living area half built! What great times they were.

We finished at the beginning of January 2001 and our first clients arrived shortly after that. 

Coming up for the 20th Anniversary of opening the villa, we can only be grateful for the loyalty of many of our clients who return year after year. 

We are there, normally in either the summer or now more in October for a month to get everything ship-shape for the following season. 

Thank you all so much.